Boulder Resource Tool Library

The ReSource Tool Library, located at ReSource Boulder, is a community-based tool lending library that hosts a centralized inventory of over 2,000 hand, electric and gas-power tools. The membership based program promotes community resource sharing, while leveraging communal purchasing power and delivering affordable tool-lending services to individuals, businesses, and civic or community organizations.

COST: In order to cover operational costs, the library charges an annual membership fee and a small daily rental fee per tool. Annual membership fees are $25 for individuals, plus $10 for each additional family member, $100 for non-profit businesses (tax exempt id required), and $150 for all other businesses. The daily rental fees are typically 60%-80% less than any other rental business.  Most non-powered hand tools rent out for under $5/day, the average power tool rents for under $8/day, and the average gas powered tool rents for under $20/day.

BECOME A MEMBER TODAY: Library tools are available to anyone over 18 years of age, but you must first a become tool library member. To start your membership, simply complete the member application (link) and provide photo identification (a driver’s license or passport).

Join as an Individual

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TOOL INVENTORY: Our inventory is constantly growing and changing because of generous donations from people like you in the community supporting our mission. Our tools include:

• Automotive
• Concrete and Masonry
• Construction and Renovation
• Electrical Tools
• Gardening and Landscaping
• Painting and Drywall
• Plumbing Tools
• Tiling Tools
• Woodworking Tools

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